PTO Family Night Ideas

PTO Famliy Night Ideas

As we enter the final quarter of the end of the school year. Here are 4 PTO Family Night Ideas that may be considered when thinking about end of the school year festivities for our scholars and their family members.

Family Movie Night:
Bring everyone to the school in the school yard or into the gym if it’s cold for a movie night at the school. You can easily have a fun family movie night be renting an inflatable screen and obtaining a movie license for the flick that you would like to watch. This is a very easy event to plan as much of this is taken care of by the party rental company that you hire for the movie night.

Family Picnic:
Tell everyone to bring their own food and have a fun family picnic out on the lawn. You can plan some fun field games for the kids to play while the parents and teachers socialize amongst themselves.

Game Night:
This is a really simple concept. Each family brings their favorite board game to this family fun night. Your guests can play against each other in their favorite game. This will go a long way to build school spirit!

Night at the Ballpark:
Many professional sports teams will give discounts to large school groups for family nights at the ballpark. Your local team may even have lawn seating which can be really cheaply purchased.

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Prom and Graduation Idea’s

The time has finally come and your Seniors are ready for a good time. Having healthy, safe and fun options is what it is all about!!! Studies show that adolescence/young adults that are given fun and positive options for post prom and post graduation events, will take those choices above making bad decisions that could affect them for the rest of their lives.

Jamaya Party Rentals has just the thing to make these events, nights to remember for years and years to come!! We bring the party to your venue and provide entertainment all night long. The options are endless from inflatable bounces, mechanical rides, dunking booths, interactive games, tables, chairs and much more. The choice is yours to make this the most exciting day/night for your Child/s.

Let us help you make the event run smoothly. Our office staff can help talk you through options to get the most bang for your buck. We have been doing these types of events for years and know what works the best.
Jamaya Party Rentals is committed to fun! We serve post prom and projection graduation events in DC metropolitan area. We are proud to be apart of this exciting milestone in your Child/s life.

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Planning the Perfect Birthday Party

Planning the Perfect Birthday Party

A child’s birthday is a very special and memorable event in the child’s life. Parents or guardians face many challenges when planning children’s birthday party. Consider party rentals such as bounce houses or inflatable slides from Jamaya Party Rentals. Our experienced customer service specialist can help you find an inflatable that will fit within your budget and theme of your child’s party. Below are some tips that can help you organize a stress-free birthday party for your kids.

Get your Child involved in Planning the Party
Parents forget that the party is not theirs but for their child. For a successful birthday party for your child, ensure that you involve your child in the planning since he/she is the guest of honor. Each child has a preference/ideas, not matter the age.
Older children have definite ideas and suggestions for their birthday parties. Although you should not allow the kid to decide on everything, their input will make the party a success and more enjoyable. Older kids will enjoy designing and writing invitation cards, planning the menu and decorating.

Keep the Children Busy
Unoccupied children are a very destructive force. To avoid or minimize destruction, you can channel their energy into activities that will keep them busy (like moon bounces). If you don’t, the kids will be all over the house destroying anything they can get hold of. Make sure you plan more activities than you need so that the children can engage in the activities that they like and can handle. As the children arrive for the birthday party, you can engage them in a low-key game that will enable them to socialize.
When choosing an activity, make sure it is age-appropriate. A clown or magician may seem a good idea but some kids may be frightened or scared. If the children are very young, old-fashioned games like Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey, Duck-Duck Goose, Simon Says and Piñata’s may keep them busy.

Have a Kid-friendly Menu
Meals are very tricky when it comes to birthday parties for children because kids are picky eaters. If you must serve a meal, let it be simple and small. A birthday cake is the focus of the birthday party. However, you can also provide familiar snacks such as pizza or sandwiches. You may also provide candy or different flavors of ice cream. When parents are dropping their kids to the party, ensure that you inquire about food allergies.
Children’s birthday parties can be hectic. However, the tips given above will assist you to plan a perfect celebration for your kid. You can also call Jamaya Party Rentals to help you plan “the easiest party you’ll ever have!”

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Spring is in the air!!!

Spring is right around the corner and everyone will want to be outside, enjoying the wonderful Spring weather. This is a great time to start thinking about planting flowers, working in your garden and outdoor party entertainment. Many people are interested in staying home and having an outdoor party for their children. Our moon bounces are just the thing!

If you’re just planning something small and intimate or big and festive we have just what you are looking for. You can choose from our regular moon bounce selection or select something that is more attractive and bring more excitement like our combos and obstacle courses. You can also rent tables, chairs and tents to make you guest feel right at home.

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Spring Special!!!

Don’t forget to take advantage of spring special!! $155.00 for a 15×15 moon bounce for an ALL DAY rental. Please give us a call know on 240-396-3076 to make a reservation.

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Spring Specials

Coming Soon!

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