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6 step Quality Assurance program

1. Customer Service

Experience can change the entire perception a customer has of that organization or business. Customer service also plays an important role in an organization ability to generate income.

Jamaya Party Rentals (JPR) goals of a customer experience is to move the customers from satisfied to loyal and then from loyal to advocate. Our focus are on customers need and disires- such as design of products and prices.

JPR is here to help you for your event even if we are not you event supplier. Our website has Party ideas and tips, Blog, FAQ and Park list information. All free of charge and doesn’t require no email sign up we don’t have to know your name or event date.

2. Quality Materials 

JPR incorporate the following features where applicable on all of our inflatable moonbounce. It is very important that we buy products that our customers feel safe and confident renting and buying.

We only use the top disurbutors and manufactors in the industry for our products and supplies. Such as Ninja Jump, Moonwalk USA, and Uniquie jumpers that follows all CPSIA and Cal. Prop. 65 compliance limits.

3. Insurance

Insurance is very important! In the inflatable business we carry one of the highest insurance policies. This allows us to service corporate business- such as schools, churches, and parks.

4. Bounce inspection

Checking all inflatables after each rental of the following things:

  • Entrance safety net is secure
  • Warning signs are clear and visible
  • Ropes and footholds are strong and intent
  • Internal air pressure is sufficient to give a firm footing
  • No debris or sharp objects are present
  • All seams are properly stitched

5. Cleaning

Cleaning of an inflatable or any products returned to JPR after rented is very important. All products are cleaned with non-toxic Clorox  to remove all germs. All inflatables are vaccumed  and wiped before rented again (cleaning fees may apply  in some case).

6. Safety

Safety is the most important aspect of our quality control. In every above process cleaning, inspection, insurance and quality materials falls under safty. It is JPR staff job and obligation to make sure the customer rental experience is safe and fun.

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